Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I think I will become a blogger...

So when I started this it was just to see what the latest rage was about, everybody was doing it and it gave me a chance to share photos with my family, but now all of my family is on facebook, so this fell by the wayside for me. My old computer was too slow to ever upload anything and I felt like my life was too boring to really have anything to share anyways. Well, I fell like we create our own happiness and I still don't have an exciting life, but I do alot. I Have so many hobbies and things I want to do every day I don't know where to start. Blogging is on of them. I want to become one of those cool bloggers that have lots of cool stuff on their blog that are interesting to read, so I will create it. My new thing is also pinterest and I re-create so many of the recipes and crafts I find on there, I love it! So if you have things you want to hear aboiut please say so, I might not be an expert on everything, but I am very knowledgeable about cleaning, cooking, raising a son, being a good wife, friend and employee. I love to write, and read books, do anything crafty, paint, draw, sew, coupon and I love animals and the outdoors. I love photography and fashion. I know a lot of awesome beauty tricks since I am a regular women and have to spend time to make myself look beautiful. Help me create an awesome blog by taking a peeka and commenting! Thanks Ya'll! :)

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