Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New York City

Times Square in New York City. We had an eight hour layover in JFK so decided to go to the city, thinking this would be plenty of time. Well, it took us a $25 dollar taxi cab ride that was the scariest experience of my life, there was no AC and it was 100 degrees outside and it took an hour to get there. We got there feeling sick and hungry, we spent another $25 dollars to but lunch at a chipotle. We have that same olace here and it never costs over $15 dollars at our local Chipotle here in Rochester, New York. Talk about inflation! The salad I got was tiny and gross, not at all like I expected. They didn't have any water or juice, just soda or beer, which I didn't want. So we didn't get a drink even. There was no where to sit so we stood by the door and ate our food. After that we walked through Times Square and the train station, which was cool. We were going to go on a bus tour and bought tickets and the guy told us we had to walk somewhere to get on a bus. We couldn't find the place and we were getting tired of walking. It was summer so it was hot, stinky, noisy and tons of people swarming us. Adding in we had a three year old, no idea where we were going and no food or water and a horrible lunch. Well, we decided just to go back to the airport since we were having a horrible time and wanted to make sure we got bak in time to make our flight. So we go back to the exact same place we bought our tickets for the tour to get a refund and the guy says he can't give it to us because he wasn't the one who sold them to us, we would have to find that same guy. So we explained to him that we were leaving right then and couldn't do that so he says we can send our tickets in and explain our situation to some place and maybe we would get a refund. We paid $85 dollars for this bus tour. So after getting frustrated by that we go stand at the taxi pick up place to get a taxi back to the airport. Well we tried getting in 5 different taxis and when we told them we were going to the airport every one said no, they wouldn't take us to the airport. So by this time I am about to cry with frustration, thinking we have no way to get back to the airport, we are stranded here and will miss our flight. Finally, a taxi driver says he will take us and it is the same thing $25 dollars, on hour drive with no A/C and crazy, I think I am going to die driving. At least Eddison fell asleep and so I spent my time trying to hold his head to keep him from getting whiplash and closing my eyes. So lesson learned. Don't ever go to New YorK City unless you have a plan and know what you are doing. I don't think I ever want to go back. It was horrible. I have been to other big cities and loved them. Chicago, San Fransisco, they were amazing, but NYC was too much for me.

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